tisdag 14 januari 2014

Molding flames!

Hi there! Been a while and not mutch is happening at the chopperscene around my backyard! Did some job on the BSA chopper and also bought me a 70´s springerfork . A piece of history cause it´s made here in Skellefteå, The Alibaba-rockers was missing so I´m using  a pair of harley 45 rockers I had in stash... it will be awesome....

Here is some more pictures from doin the tank molding! 

Started bending some 2,5 mm weldingwire ,welding it to the tank , if you are goin to try this remember to make the welding at the side that you gonna put the bondo on...makes it way easier and takes less grinding...

Ready for bondo!

Filling up !   I used a file at first then  80´s sandpaper!

The paint will be purple or green  flake...flames will be pink or orange!!

Left handlebar is ignition advance ....right is for speed !

Guess I have to narrow that handlebar!

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