måndag 20 maj 2013

Grey Beard Run 2013


Get your motorcycle ready for this years happening!The ride
 will be along the backroads south of Skellefteå ending with camping by the sea!
Bring what you need to have a good time cause their will be no catering!!!! 
Fuelstop after around 65 km and the hole ride will be nearly 100 km!
We will meet at Shell gas-station north of Skellefteå at 14.00 saturday 6 July!
  See you there!

lördag 18 maj 2013

Hot photoshoot with Elegy Ellem!

A little t&a is never wrong, photo buy Emelie Åslin and the models name is Elegy Ellem!
Got a few more photos from this evening , but have to save some for the cold long Winter! :)

torsdag 9 maj 2013

Rabbitears for the panhead!

Bought me a split-bar and a 20 $ springer-topclamp to make me a Rabbitear-pullbackbar !
Think these came off a sportster , internals for the throttle but no spark advance!

Needed a little higher rise to get the bend over my new frisco mounted tank, found me some 1 " pipe!
Welded and grinded!
Something like that!

A little welding and grinding later.....looks like a croclamp but the bar will not! Got sick plans for this baby! 
Not welded yet but close to the final look ? !

torsdag 2 maj 2013

Örnsköldsvik Motorshow!!

Nicklas Lodins Panhead! Great bike!

Larsas showstopper!

P-A Before midnite!

Larsa and Miss Pink!

What are you looking at guys!

Elegy Ellem!

Can you believe shes from Luleå!