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How to cut your original frame by Street chopper in 1969!

Street Chopper February 1969

You want a sleek and trim-looking frame for your chopper? Put it on a diet! Get rid of that excess baggage; those unwanted pounds and inches. Use the photos and chart for your guideline to a new trim shape!

Chopper Frame Clean Up

The first item not needed by most chopper builders is the upper front dashboard mount. This may be removed with a cutting torch or hacksaw. It should then be ground smooth.

In the seat area, you will find it much easier if you remove some of the main tube top. This will allow you to position your sheet metal and/or glass somewhat lower. If this is not done, it will be impossible to achieve a sleek, flowing line.

Bottom Of Motorcycle Frame
The eyes at the bottom of the frame may be cut off with a cutting torch or hacksaw, and then ground smooth.

Rear Frame Sheet Metal

The large sheet metal strap on the right rear frame tubes may be removed and the areas ground smooth. This was at one time a tool box bracket.

Front dash area Not needed
Rear dash mounts Not needed
Seat post Not needed
Top of main tube frame rail Necessary for really flowing lines and fit.
Rear square tabs Not needed
Fifth transmission mount Not needed
Bottom foot pegs mounts Remove only if you do not intend to use.
Some builders prefer low foot position.
Front eyes Not needed for best frame appearance
Upper sheet metal mount in frame tubes Not needed
Rear Flats—PANHEAD ONLY Not needed

Text and pics from Street Chopper!

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