tisdag 24 januari 2012

Got myself a Knucklehead !

 Got myself a knucklehead, heavy loaded with what you need for speed!!

Church chopper

 This pic is taken in our local church when they wanted to borrow the bike for their sunday ceremony, Their were two priests helpin me push it up between the altar and funt!!


 My buddy Robin came over with his triumph project in the trunk of his old volvo, This guy is always trying to put something togheter with parts other guys trashed , This time he had got his hands upon a wreck from a fired up garage ,  You could tell it´s a Triumph but looked more like something from Terminator 2 ,melted aluminum, In this picture he keeps on dreamin about being a harley rider! 

onsdag 18 januari 2012

Lee Pedal...

The search for the lee pedal took some time and ended with a original pedal  combined with Scott Craigs backing plate casting, the rocker clutch plate is original.    


Bought this beauty from "Svindelwille" back in the day. Paid US100$ with original gascap, ignitionlock,  and all the hardware.... 

Hap Jones tank and handcuff bars inplace!

 Sweet paintjob done by "Nubben"......