fredag 19 oktober 2012

Greasy Kulture!

Thru the years I have seen some bikes that sweeped the floor with almost everything  , mostly in papers like MCM and the old Swedish "Hojmaggan" but lately in Dice and Greasy Kulture.....Those bikes is often nothing fancy when you finally see them live.... the magic seem to lay in that right angle ,light or background in the photo......
My latest bike , seen in issue 29 of Greasy Kulture , is...nothing fancy but the photo in the middle spread catches that something! ...Cause I don´t get that feeling when I walk into the garage to get me another beer!
Have to do a compilation of the bikes that been a extra inspiration...."Stickans sida " in hojmaggan around -88 would be top ten and ofcourse Raggarns panhead with molded flames ! be continued

onsdag 17 oktober 2012

Hap Jones 1970 Retail Catalog!

I have a little crush on these old 60 and 70´s parts and when this catalog passed my eyes on ebay I just had to have it! Even came with original envelope for ordering!
If one could turn back time and order a few tanks for  US $ 22.50 each!!!

That tire would do the job on my knuckle!

A little flakejob?

Limpdicks and Catfaces! 

tisdag 9 oktober 2012

Sissybar guide!

Been looking for a aee sissybar for a while but since they go for big bucks these days I decided to make my own...looked the internet for inspiration and found a few really cool ones...  

Will make some kind of twisted tri-fork I guess...will post some pics later!

Great bars from Hap Jones back in the day!