fredagen den 18:e april 2014

Grey Beard Run 2014

Time to start planning for GBR-14 , Thats easy ! Just grow your beard and get the old chopper ready!
We will meet july the 5th  at Shell north in Skellefteå 14:00...Bring what you need to have a good time cause as usual their will be no catering!
The Trip will be around 100 km with fuelstop after 70! Then camping by the sea !
In doubt call Lars  070-6638311

lördagen den 15:e februari 2014

Painted Lady!

Guess the girls back home will hit me on my head now but a promise is a promise!
Photo is taken by Emelie Åslin and model is the lovely Elegy Ellem!

lördagen den 8:e februari 2014

måndagen den 27:e januari 2014

Sweet Swapmeet!

My Buddy Larsa and I took a weekend off to wisit Eskilstuna and the Eskil Swap!
A lotta old parts for old farts! My camera broke so this is it folks!



Good lookin guy this!

Bookshelf motor!

The one in the middle nearly made it for the BSA

Hedenstrand had this beauty for sale!

Old chrome for lasseblues! 

tisdagen den 14:e januari 2014

Molding flames!

Hi there! Been a while and not mutch is happening at the chopperscene around my backyard! Did some job on the BSA chopper and also bought me a 70´s springerfork . A piece of history cause it´s made here in Skellefteå, The Alibaba-rockers was missing so I´m using  a pair of harley 45 rockers I had in stash... it will be awesome....

Here is some more pictures from doin the tank molding! 

Started bending some 2,5 mm weldingwire ,welding it to the tank , if you are goin to try this remember to make the welding at the side that you gonna put the bondo on...makes it way easier and takes less grinding...

Ready for bondo!

Filling up !   I used a file at first then  80´s sandpaper!

The paint will be purple or green  flake...flames will be pink or orange!!

Left handlebar is ignition advance ....right is for speed !

Guess I have to narrow that handlebar!

måndagen den 7:e oktober 2013

How to cut your original frame by Street chopper in 1969!

Street Chopper February 1969

You want a sleek and trim-looking frame for your chopper? Put it on a diet! Get rid of that excess baggage; those unwanted pounds and inches. Use the photos and chart for your guideline to a new trim shape!

Chopper Frame Clean Up

The first item not needed by most chopper builders is the upper front dashboard mount. This may be removed with a cutting torch or hacksaw. It should then be ground smooth.

In the seat area, you will find it much easier if you remove some of the main tube top. This will allow you to position your sheet metal and/or glass somewhat lower. If this is not done, it will be impossible to achieve a sleek, flowing line.

Bottom Of Motorcycle Frame
The eyes at the bottom of the frame may be cut off with a cutting torch or hacksaw, and then ground smooth.

Rear Frame Sheet Metal

The large sheet metal strap on the right rear frame tubes may be removed and the areas ground smooth. This was at one time a tool box bracket.

Front dash area Not needed
Rear dash mounts Not needed
Seat post Not needed
Top of main tube frame rail Necessary for really flowing lines and fit.
Rear square tabs Not needed
Fifth transmission mount Not needed
Bottom foot pegs mounts Remove only if you do not intend to use.
Some builders prefer low foot position.
Front eyes Not needed for best frame appearance
Upper sheet metal mount in frame tubes Not needed
Rear Flats—PANHEAD ONLY Not needed

Text and pics from Street Chopper!

lördagen den 5:e oktober 2013

Driving miss Sofie!


Looks like a nice little bike but today we didnt get along so well...but we are friends now!....a little ignition adjustment at a parking lot made the difference!

As the true believers already noticed the bike novadays carries a Rothdeflector at the rearcarb, this is för performance only cause my pants kept chokeing the motor like all the time! (Will get eggs for both carbs later!)
The mileage is way better now than in the early days ! Around 0.66 today with passenger is really good for a double Linkert equipped 96" Knuckle!!

Sofie checking with the babysitter!

Coffe at Westmans

Best bike at Roadsoldiers meet!

The kickstart!

Madickens son Charlie walks in his dads footsteps! Bought himself a 70´s survivor!

Next Project ?