tisdag 30 juli 2013

Waxed paper gets me goin!

Gettin parts from J.W.Boon is a happymoment! Some for both bikes!   Knuckle runs again tonite!

torsdag 25 juli 2013

Fixin Teds Frame!

This is what we started with! Have never seen a frame twist like this!
P-A is making room for the torch and welding team! 
A little cutting!

Weld-wiz Ola in action!
This is Stefans happyface!

 Painted and ready for reassembly!
On the road again!

lördag 20 juli 2013

Sportster by Pontus Widman!

Met a young fellow today, he looked to be in the moped-age, to my surprise he showed me this Picture of his build in his mobilephone!!! Great bike, Soon on the road!  

onsdag 17 juli 2013

Grey Beard Run 2013 in pictures!

This year the ride went without any trouble at all , exept that we had to drive some extra miles round a roadwork! Camping and party at the coastline outside  Bureå. Three times as mutch campers this year....See you next year!
The pan ready for GBR -13
P-A´s place!
Larsa Hedström with the -64.

Fredrik Lundmarks bike, electra with evo...

Roland Lenneståhls Duoglide!

Sporty -71 and Panhead -54


Stefan Jonsson on the late shovel!
Panhead by Anders Holmström

Foto: Finfrämmen opa kaffebesöök
Coffe-stop at Jesters MC

Danne Sundström with the sporty -71

Small adjustments !

Left or Right?

Peter Johansson drove  an Indian Scout and kept up with the big-twins really well...great throttle twister!

Affe Asplund talks about the good old days!

Great car...great guy...Urban Åhden!

Somewhere in the woods near Vallen.

P-A Söderberg with Teds early-shovel!

Fuelstop in Lövånger.

Daniel fueling up the chopper....and talks alot!


This is my only party-picture.... a little beer for lasseblues.