tisdag 26 juni 2012

Finch dogbones!

Look at these beauties... bought em for 50 bucks !
I´m very pleased...my wife is totally pissed off!

måndag 25 juni 2012

Knucklehead first testdrive

This is a film of me ridin Jolly Jumper for the first time...taken some weeks ago but I didn´t knew how to upload the film....til now! Klick on the link...its short and you can hear that I have trouble with the clutch heddin for second gear! :)  Knucklehead first drive

söndag 24 juni 2012

Flat front tyre in 55 mph!

Had a hairrising experience today drivin with my buddy Larsa...a flat front tyre in 55mph is a nightmare!
I was lucky that the road was straight and it happened in a uphill so the cycle lost speed pretty fast even thou I never hit the brake. I stomped my boots as hard as I could to the asphalt and praid.....and It all went well....Got a "new" tyre from Peter Löwenius dirtbike and with help from Larsa Hedström and Lefthand Freddie I changed the tyre at the roadside! 

lördag 23 juni 2012

P-A´s Triumph chopper!

P-A stopped by the garage the other day and I caught him with my camera, The bike is a -54 with short trans, A true beauty and sounds like a real motorcycle too!

See more of this bike live at the Grey Beard Run and the film here

Linkert fuel record!

Took the old pan for a ride...really slow with the sun in my face....rode for 105,6 km on 5,46 liter gas!!!!   This carb is one of the best I have had!

måndag 11 juni 2012

Greasy Kulture Article!

Got the mag today! Fun to see your own bike in Greasy Kulture! 

That bike have been a true work horse and has almost never let me down, will probably sell her now but it feels a bit sad!

lördag 2 juni 2012

Doubble trouble!

The Knucklehead runs well since a few weeks now and the only
big issue is the full throttle performance!...I have three options!

Nr one would be to change carb to a super e or something boring!
Nr two is to add a thunder jet, wery interesting and I think that would work!
The third is to go for a dual linkert carb setup!...My choice is to go for what feels most traditional and closest to the heart!...Dual Linkerts!.....(The motor displays 96 cubic inches so it suffers on the upper end of throttletwisting!)

 The guy in the picture has nothing to do with this manifold but to make the pic a bit more colourful! :)

On its way! Will make the next one with a bit narrower angle between the carbs...that way I can pull em in closer in between the heads!

The rear carb will be the main up to about half throttle and the front will kick in to do the need for speed!...really simple linkage...to be continued!

Thats better! ...Things yet to do!
This setup is... well twice as heavy as original and I will need a sturdy support bracket, a fuel line that splits halway down, I will make a nice one later but for now a hose will do, a choke knob and maybe some kind of deflectors !  The linkage works so well its unbelieveable! ...just have to make some adjustments with the wire !

My panhead is in #27 of Greasy Kulture Magazine...feels good!