onsdag 18 juli 2012

Great summerday ride!


A film from last summer, me and Raggen kicks our bikes and I try to keep up with him on second gear ....see the film here !

tisdag 17 juli 2012

Beltdrive breakdown!

Took my daughter for a ride this evening and look what happened!
We had stopped for filling gas (I do that alot) and somehow when I kicked it afterwords , just when it fired up , that moment when you give it a little throttle to keep it alive.... the gear jumped in.
That must have made the gearbox to move a little making the belt rip off...cause a few miles down the road just that happened and we were stuck! Luckilly it happened close to my sisters house!

I hate when the belt snaps!

Parked in my sisters garden waiting for new belt!

måndag 16 juli 2012

More from bure bike show 2012

Last supper!

Oh my god !

Trailer Queen!?

Larsa is kicking the stroker and Stoffe is giving him friendly advice how to!
Really funny cause we talked about this phenomen last dizzy friday!

lördag 14 juli 2012

Bure Bike Show 2012

 Some snapshots from this years show.... these sweet choppers built with small budget always gets my attention ! My knucklehead won first prize in the custom class.....feels great!

P-A´s old ride

Found this super fine tank hangin at Alcatraz MC.....like a hap jones tank  but with the sidefill on the left side.... 

onsdag 11 juli 2012

My Panhead in MCM!

Photos taken by Ulf Picture.....and kind of the same story as the Greasy Kulture article!

lördag 7 juli 2012

Grey beard runners!

It was one of this summers hottest days and I started packing for our little adventure.
Decided to take my reliable panhead cause the knuckle is still a bit raw.....Hooked up with P.A and hedded up to town to meet the rest of the bunch...
We took of a little behind schedule (as planned) and we were ten bikes all together.  the trip went along the small roads west from Skellefteå and the only major wrenching was when one of the trumpets needed a new wire for the clutch....done in ten minutes.....and we were on our way again.
We made a visit at the clubhouse of Wild Cheese Riders in Svanström for some coffe and a little shadow from the burning sun.....

Wonderful motorcycling cross fields and woods at last took us to that little lake I have had in mind since forever for a party.....

We made a fire and had a good time tellin stories, playin blues...the clock went away as Ronnie once said!  ...and took some pictures...really pleased with some of them,considering its my cheap mobilephone doin the job! :)  The local paper made a story and took some pics aswell,see the article here

ps. I added a few of them ,Thanks Norran

onsdag 4 juli 2012

Grey Beard Run...now on friday!

Grey Beard Run is 6 july at 14.00.......Shell North Skellefteå....Stop for gas will be after 55 km and the total around 100km depending on the weather....my phone number is 070-6638311,Lars

In the latest issue of MCM the date for the run is july 7...but thats wrong...OK

måndag 2 juli 2012

Dual linkerts....check!

Tonight I made the last small details to get the dual linkert setup done.....kicked it with my heart runnin like a crazy train !
At first it didn´t even start but after a little while I had it fired up and spitting like a lama through both carbs.....turned up the low speed needle at the main carb a bit and then it started runnin like the pricetag of a bates seat.
Jumped up and rode it down the road ....and while the motor got warm it responded really well when the second carb pulled in...only issue was that I was runnin outta gas once in a while ??.....soon found out that my jeans from time too time got sucked in  to the rear carb and choked the engine......a bird catcher will fix that...see the second start up here!  Sorry for the closeups but I was a bit excited!

söndag 1 juli 2012

Bsa chopper!

Bought me a bsa b33 chopper some time ago...ok its two years since...looked like this!

 Another tank and handcuff z-bars didn´t do the trick !

Cut and weld!

A little stretch at the frontdowntube!

And one inch longer hardtail!

Spokewheel in the rear and a biketire!

Narrowed tank from my first chopper back in -84 ...a "red-ant"!

Too be continued.......

Oiltank for the bsa!

Got a call from my friend P-A and he had found a piece of history cleaning out his garage!
Will be perfect for my bsa b33 chopperbuild ....more pics soon!