måndag 2 juli 2012

Dual linkerts....check!

Tonight I made the last small details to get the dual linkert setup done.....kicked it with my heart runnin like a crazy train !
At first it didn´t even start but after a little while I had it fired up and spitting like a lama through both carbs.....turned up the low speed needle at the main carb a bit and then it started runnin like the pricetag of a bates seat.
Jumped up and rode it down the road ....and while the motor got warm it responded really well when the second carb pulled in...only issue was that I was runnin outta gas once in a while ??.....soon found out that my jeans from time too time got sucked in  to the rear carb and choked the engine......a bird catcher will fix that...see the second start up here!  Sorry for the closeups but I was a bit excited!

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