lördag 7 juli 2012

Grey beard runners!

It was one of this summers hottest days and I started packing for our little adventure.
Decided to take my reliable panhead cause the knuckle is still a bit raw.....Hooked up with P.A and hedded up to town to meet the rest of the bunch...
We took of a little behind schedule (as planned) and we were ten bikes all together.  the trip went along the small roads west from Skellefteå and the only major wrenching was when one of the trumpets needed a new wire for the clutch....done in ten minutes.....and we were on our way again.
We made a visit at the clubhouse of Wild Cheese Riders in Svanström for some coffe and a little shadow from the burning sun.....

Wonderful motorcycling cross fields and woods at last took us to that little lake I have had in mind since forever for a party.....

We made a fire and had a good time tellin stories, playin blues...the clock went away as Ronnie once said!  ...and took some pictures...really pleased with some of them,considering its my cheap mobilephone doin the job! :)  The local paper made a story and took some pics aswell,see the article here

ps. I added a few of them ,Thanks Norran

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  1. Koolt run! Vad f.., att Skeå skulle bli ett nytt centra för pre-69, hade man int trott när man flyttade söderut. Keep up the good work!