onsdag 17 juli 2013

Grey Beard Run 2013 in pictures!

This year the ride went without any trouble at all , exept that we had to drive some extra miles round a roadwork! Camping and party at the coastline outside  Bureå. Three times as mutch campers this year....See you next year!
The pan ready for GBR -13
P-A´s place!
Larsa Hedström with the -64.

Fredrik Lundmarks bike, electra with evo...

Roland Lenneståhls Duoglide!

Sporty -71 and Panhead -54


Stefan Jonsson on the late shovel!
Panhead by Anders Holmström

Foto: Finfrämmen opa kaffebesöök
Coffe-stop at Jesters MC

Danne Sundström with the sporty -71

Small adjustments !

Left or Right?

Peter Johansson drove  an Indian Scout and kept up with the big-twins really well...great throttle twister!

Affe Asplund talks about the good old days!

Great car...great guy...Urban Åhden!

Somewhere in the woods near Vallen.

P-A Söderberg with Teds early-shovel!

Fuelstop in Lövånger.

Daniel fueling up the chopper....and talks alot!


This is my only party-picture.... a little beer for lasseblues.

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