onsdag 28 mars 2012

Linkert attack!

I really like Linkert carbs and the reason for that is not the fuel mileage cause they suck in that end ...You cant go wrong with a linkert ,and the adjustable speed needles feels just like in the moped days,  I have got myself a little collection thrue the years and I just wish I started earlier cause you could get one for a ciggarettepack in the 80´s....

My latest find was a m74b almost in mint condition, someone must have put it on the shelf and forgot about it...tried it on the panhead ,idles like a puppy!

I havent fired up the knucklehead yet and I guess the carb might slow the overall performance a bit but ......I can always add another :).........A double Linkert setup is way cool but will be a bit tricky and would need smaller venturi-rings to speed up the gasflow while starting.....and a difficult to do manifold, cause I like the carbs to feed one cylinder each....A lotta trix in the Linkert book...like the "jet" and the nossle tip filing tips.....will try some later!

First thought this was a photoshop work ...but it´s not! wonder how the needles work!

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